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Just Bombed my PT test and my test is this week

csxx1234csxx1234 Member
edited November 2021 in General 16 karma

SCARED. I have been averaging in the mid 160's and I just got a 145 on a PT test. I DID HORRIBLE for the RC section and now idk what to do for the upcoming days. Do I continue to drill? or is that gonna burn me out?


  • jessedamos-1jessedamos-1 Member
    26 karma

    Which PT was it? I just had one that felt extremely hard too and made me worried :|

  • hopeful0LLbeanhopeful0LLbean Core Member
    50 karma

    if we're talking 92+ then we're in the same boat :neutral:

  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
    207 karma

    Few days prior to my exam, I will usually stop scoring my PT's but continue to do them to build endurance while also working on smaller problem sets to hone skills while also not taking too hard of hit by working with smaller portions if things don't go well. If, let's say, I do have a bad PT right before the exam, it will do more harm than good. You already know your average. Run with that and take that into the test with you. At this point, there is no point in knowing what your PT score is. If it's good, then it tells you what you already know. If it's bad, then it makes you feel worse at a very critical time when confidence has a lot to do with performance. Smaller drill sets allow you to pivot easier and can either be confidence boosters or opportunities for short term memory loss to quickly do another drill and regain confidence without bruising the ego too much. Definitely take a break for a day or taper down with individual sections to let the mind rest a little. Same process of tapering when marathon training right before the big race.

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Member
    edited November 2021 1106 karma

    You might be a little burned out/ stressed. My advice is do the bare minimum when it comes to studying/review. I didn't do so great on my PTs leading up to the exam but scored 6 points higher than my average on the real test. I was especially burned out on LR so I didn't look at LR at all and only did some light LG and RC problem sets in the week before my test

  • KariOmooKariOmoo Member
    edited November 2021 70 karma

    I've been in the same situation. It sucks, and I emphasize with you.

    Everyone learns differently but my advice is: do NOT drill heavily. If you have been averaging mid-160s you clearly know the content. Drilling RCs right before the test is not going to significantly teach you things that will magically get you a 160 score; you clearly have that ability already. If you burn yourself out on drills you will not perform well.

    If you dropped that low bc of one section, perhaps it was a luck issue or a confidence issue. If it's the latter, I would recommend some light practice (sections of 1-2 passages) to swerve back into your confidence zone and also reinforce your test-taking strategies.

    Good luck, and remember--a PT score is just that: a PT score. You're clearly a mid-160s LSAT warrior and I manifest that score for you on the actual test. Cheers!

  • Carlgogo7Carlgogo7 Core Member
    13 karma

    Some tests just hit more fields which you are not good at than other one. Don't be too panic about it. Believe your ability since you are already scoring mid 160s in average. Take a break and come back later. You can do it!

  • csxx1234csxx1234 Member
    16 karma

    It was PT87 :( (Sorry idk how to directly reply) but thank you everyone! rlly appreciate the tips and help. I'll definitely do some light practice and nothing further- Would it be bad if I take a PT tests on Wednesday? (My test is on Friday) LMK and thanks everyone! I love this community and support

  • jerslanderjerslander Member
    146 karma

    Two days before I really wouldn't recommend it. Probably would be better to just really review your last pt and spend your last amount of time drilling lightly like the others have said while tapering off the closer you get to your test day.

    Realistically, are you really going to learn much from a test in only two days? Doing a little light work on Wednesday and chilling on Thursday would probably be better.

  • KariOmooKariOmoo Member
    70 karma

    Agreed with jerslander, I don't think you should take PT Wed. To add to their pts, Best case scenario it reaffirms what you already know, that you can kill this test, worst case scenario, can be a confidence killer which you don't need two days before test.

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Member
    1106 karma

    For the love of God don't PT on Wednesday. At this point, it's all about execution. You can't execute well if you use up all your energy in practice. Breaks are just as important as putting in the work. You need to recharge before the real deal. In my experience, it made a huge difference.

    My first LSAT, I did too much before the test, and I felt really heavy and crummy throughout the test. I feel like I was lucky to score around my average that day. My 2nd time, I did next to nothing right before the test and almost matched my best PT score despite the fact that my last 2 PTs before the test were subpar.

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