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Question Calling LSAC on test day in the case of technical issues with having phone on speaker

Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
edited November 2021 in General 1417 karma

Hi All,

First and foremost, hope everyone is having a great week and I wish November LSAT test takers all the best. We got this.

I received an email from LSAC today as I will be writing the November exam. The email had information on how to reach LSAC on test day if tech issues arise.

I really hope I will have a smooth test day experience. If I do need to call LSAC on the test day due to tech issues, does anyone know if I can have my phone on speaker while I am calling LSAC for help given that I am still being recorded by ProctorU? I just have very bad service on my phone and have to use speaker at times to be able to even hear the other party on the line.

I am unable to upgrade my phone plan at this time due to finances.

Thank you and best of luck!


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