Too late now to apply to reach schools in T6/HLS?

I couldn't apply earlier this cycle due to a variety of personal reasons.
I was planning to apply to extreme reaches for me at HLS and a few other T6.
This is the last cycle I can apply before my LSAT score expires.
It's 171 from Sep-2016 and valid by LSAC only till this cycle.

Is it worth to apply this late at HLS?
I saw they have a deadline of Mar-1st, which makes it looks like there is still time to go and that they expect some applications to trickle even in Feb, or why would they have such a late deadline. (i may be wrong but iirc they used to have Feb1st as deadline).
How much of a difference is in applying now vs early Sep/Oct in the cycle?


  • HopefullyHLSHopefullyHLS Monthly Member
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    Apply! There is no downside on it! A 170+ always makes you a competitive candidate.

    Even if you get rejected, you can still take the June LSAT and re-apply in September with a better score.

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