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What do you do when you get a question incorrect during BR?

Ashley2018-1Ashley2018-1 Monthly + Live Member
edited January 2022 in Reading Comprehension 2120 karma

The title says it all but I'd really like to know what exactly do you do when you get questions incorrect for RC, especially confidence errors? I have questions where I literally cite the lines I get my answers from and it still turns out to be...incorrect. My first instinct is to look at the answer key after BR and the 7sage video but I'd like to get any tips on how to improve my protocol because the routine I've been doing isn't getting me beyond the mid-160's.

And as always, if anyone reading this post is exceptional with RC, I am also open to any one-on-one tutoring you could provide. If that is the case, I would like to see your score first and have a trial lesson before I fully commit. I want someone who could teach me some overarching concepts about RC because I've been mainly focused on trying to understand the content of the passages alone and it isn't working. I categorized this post as RC but honestly, it can extend to LR as well. And I will pay you by hour after the session is over before we log off zoom.

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