Retake or apply , apply and retake

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Hi so as expected I did not do as well as I would have liked.
I'm a non traditional ur female with 2 businesses. So I have great softs.
I m at the 25 percentile for lsat and median GPA for my dream school and 75 percentile for my safety school.
For my last choice , I'm at 50 th for both. I can only apply to pt programs.

My concern is should I study to bump up my score by 5 points or just start applying, or do both.
Personal statements are are going to require a lot and since I'm working 32 plus hrs weekly , I'm concerned as to the best way to handle my time. Do I Focus on application rather than lsat?
I do have a meeting with my dream school dean but I would like your input.


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    I say apply. It would mostly depend on how well you prepared the first time around and how much you can improve taking into account your current time availability. I don't know all your story but from the little I know I say apply! :)
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    As another working adult, this thought has plagued me since yesterday when I saw my 165.. It's enough to get into a realistic school that has a PT program (which I pretty much need to do so I can work) and with PT programs at my school, there is no amount of aid that you will receive, so a higher LSAT score may not necessarily help. It may help with private scholarships and the like, however. So.. everyone wants to go gung-ho and get that 180 and get into some amazing school but.. I'm not so sure that's a wise decision for me. I mean.. studying for the LSAT is like a huge chunk of your life. It might be more sensible in the long run to take admission to your target schools, and spend the next few months doing something else you're interested in.. read a book, take a class, learn a skill.. whatever! Life is short and studying for the LSAT is not the be-all-end-all
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