Please Help - I can DO logic games, but on PT's i bomb them

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Basically, I'll do crappy on LG on PT's . like we are talking getting 10-12 correct. I'll blind review and usually get perfect or, -2 . Not sure what answer I'm looking for or if I am going get pointed toward 10 blank sheets of LG's ! anyone else have a similar problem with games?


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    Hey Kyuya,

    You should be happy you have a problem with this section instead of the others because its easy to improve on. First, get all the games by category. For example, start with linear and do linear games for 1 week until you start getting them and memorize inference. Then move on to grouping, in-out until you get it do this for ALL game type. This really helped me. Below is a link for a categorized list of the logic games.

    Good Luck!
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