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When to have a baby in law school

SarahFolioSarahFolio Yearly Member
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I am 28 years old and a full time nurse. I plan to only apply to part time night programs for law school for fall of 2023. My plan right now is to try and have a baby before I start year 1. I am aware it can take a long time to get pregnant but ideally the baby would be anywhere from 8 to 3 months old before classes start. I would be able to take advantage of my maternity leave with my current job and my phenomenal health insurance. While in school I would hire a babysitter 4-5 hours a day so I can exclusively study but the baby wouldn't have to leave the house and go to daycare. I would be home for emergencies just studying in my office. My goals for doing this would be to be able to have a child almost in school by the time I am an associate (Part time programs take 4 years). I would not have to worry about infant care and being a brand new attorney with demanding partners/clients ect and working a grueling day time schedule.

My other options are pushing back my pregnancy after year one and having a baby in the summer hopefully in-between semesters. The downside is not having maternity leave or dual insurances.

Has anyone on this forum had a baby prior to year 1 and had success pairing this with a part time program? Or is this absolutely insane even with a part time night program?

I should also mention I have a super supportive husband who works a very reliable 8-4 job who would be the primary caregiver while I am in class in the evening.


  • SjcazaresSjcazares Core Member
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    I have an 18-month-old and I'm applying to part-time programs to start this fall. I made sure to look at programs that offered some remote learning to avoid spending so much time away from home. I also work full-time and don't plan on cutting back hours. I would caution that having a newborn is rough. You won't get a ton of sleep, and I couldn't imagine having a newborn while in school.

    The one thing I noticed with part-time programs is that they really vary considerably from school-to-school. Some only require one night on campus and have a lot of people working part-time, while others say that they expect you to cut your hours and require a large on-campus commitment. I would spend time upfront seeing what schools you want to apply for and what time of commitment they require.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that newer babies require more doctor visits and have more limited diets. If you wait until your baby is almost one your husband will probably have a little easier of a time since he can give the baby formula or regular food. My wife didn't breast feed, but it was easier as our baby got older since he had more food options.

    Also, as you mentioned, it's really hard to time having a baby. It took my wife a few months to get pregnant. She also gave birth to our son 3 weeks early. Keep in mind that you'll end up having a lot of doctor's appointments as you get closer to the birth.

    Hope I didn't rant too much. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions I can help with.

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