PT6.S2.Q10 - All of John's friends say

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I don't understand how E is the answer. I can we say that it must true that some of his friends must be lying? Is it cause we know that John isn't unique from them and knows no person who smoked 40 cigarettes a day for the past 40 years
and yet who is really fit and well?


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    If John isn't unique among his friends in not knowing anyone that smokes two packs a day and yada yada then there must be at least one friend that also doesn't know anyone like that. That must be true or else John would be unique in that respect.

    ACD is too strong. We can't say most aren't telling the truth, but we do know that at least one isn't.

    Correct MBT ACs are often weak and boring. Be wary of really strong ACs. It's difficult to prove "most" or "all" or "every" etc.

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    Thank you! Ya, I've noticed MBT doesn't use strong words such as those ones.

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