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How much time will I need to improve from a 152 to a 160?

ashley.hart29641-1ashley.hart29641-1 Free Trial Member
in General 5 karma

Pretty much the title. I'd like to take the LSAT this Fall, and trying to decide what 7Sage package to buy and when I need to start studying by. Anyone have any insight on this?


  • 284 karma

    Start studying now or ASAP. Buy the full curriculum. Make the LSAT your life and you will get that goal score this fall. Focus on getting LG down to -2 or -3 which is very doable with hard work. You will go beyond a 160!

  • ary_in_a_rarri-1ary_in_a_rarri-1 Core Member
    33 karma

    Well it depends, is 152 your diagnostic? Is it an official score? Either way, you should be able to get a 160 by August

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Core Member
    edited May 2022 2159 karma

    To echo @"Preston Bigley", you can bounce your score up very quickly by really drilling LG. If you're missing quite a few in LG, I don't think it's at all unreasonable to expect you to get near 160 within a month or two. And, for what it's worth, many people consider 7Sage's strongest area to be LG!

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