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How do you diagram a conditional that has a group 3 and a group 4 logical indicator?

GoingUnderGoingUnder Core Member

Example: "We cannot have A without B" or "Without A we cannot have B"

Cannot = group 4 (negate, necessary)
Without = group 3 (negate, sufficient)


  • BCampbellBCampbell Member
    edited July 2022 22 karma

    When you're working with two indicators, you choose one and just keep in mind that the other indicator is attached to one of your terms. For example:

    When dealing with your group 3 "without" you need to keep in mind that cannot is attached to A so your two terms are B and A. When setting up your conditional statement it would either look like B-->A or its contrapositive which you would get anyway if you chose to negate your other term A-->B.

    If you had chosen your group 4 "cannot" you need to keep in mind without is attached to B so your terms are A and B. When writing your conditional statement you would therefore end up with A --> B or its contrapositive B-->A.

    Edit: I used your first statement: "We cannot have A without B." It would be the same type of deal for your other sentence. Which ever indicator you use, you still need to keep in mind that the other is attached to one of your terms.

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