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When I BR the LG section, should I be redoing the games?

snowcap007snowcap007 Member
in Logic Games 180 karma

What works best for blind reviewing logic games?


  • mia12345mia12345 Core Member
    260 karma

    I do yes! I think it's been super helpful to go back through the games untimed and see if there's any inferences you missed/any areas you could have done things differently under time.

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Core Member
    2158 karma

    I find that redoing the game is only necessary if you couldn't figure out how to set it up during the first pass through. If you have the correct setup (or what you think is the correct setup), I think just going through the questions and making sure you didn't incorrectly arrive at an answer is sufficient. If you struggled with any questions or couldn't figure them out during the timed section, it's possible you either missed an inference or set your board up incorrectly.

  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    edited August 2022 180 karma

    @"Matt Sorr" Thanks! I’m scoring -0 pretty consistently on LG as long as I practice LG the same day, but I usually redo the games during BR to get rid of my insecurity

  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    180 karma

    @mia12345 For sure! I find I have a much better “grasp” of the game during the second pass through

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