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Do I need to write an LSAT addendum?

rachnelirachneli Monthly Member

I unfortunately took the LSAT 4 times, 166, 165, 169, and FINALLY a 176.

Should I write an addendum? I don’t even know what to say other than the truth, I set a goal, I didn’t reach my goal so I kept working until I met it. That doesn’t sound very compelling though?


  • Kayla L.Kayla L. Alum Member
    8 karma

    honestly since your track record shows you've been scoring well overall i wouldn't. I advised my friend (who recently began IL at ucla law) who first scored a 159 to write one since he's had a demonstrated history with test anxiety.

  • hulagirl1507hulagirl1507 Alum Member
    8 karma

    That's a very impressive work ethic. I personally don't think that this is a silly reason to write an addendum, but the scores kind of speak for themselves. They won't question that you improved naturally and I'm sure that kind of improvement is encouraged.

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
    2012 karma

    Former admissions officer here. Congratulations on finally achieving a very impressive result! Since there is a 10-point difference between your highest and lowest score, and you took the exam four times, a concise and factual LSAT addendum could be appropriate. You don't have to go into detail about how you prepared for each exam or felt any anxiety. Good luck!

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Alum Member
    762 karma

    Congrats!! I feel like im on a similar trajectory lol. 165 in June 169 August and just took September and felt like I did slightly better. Would you mind sharing how you improved on RC, any breakthroughs you had? That's where i'm struggling the most! Good luck

  • rachnelirachneli Monthly Member
    140 karma

    Hi Steven,

    Honestly RC and LG carried me through this whole process. My trouble area was LR, so I might not be a good source on RC improvement. I will say that low res summaries, letting main points light the way and keeping a close eye for any small indicator of author opinion were all extremely helpful.

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