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Waitlisted due to application timing (Due to retaking the LSAT and waiting for the score)

mpits001mpits001 Alum Member
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I was recently waitlisted at my law school of choice. I want to make this clear, this is my first law school of choice. My score and UGPA/LGPA are what they are looking for. I contacted the school to ask some questions. There are 66 applicants ahead of me (which include full/part-time) and I can be notified as late as the first day of school to be taken off the waitlist and transition in the 2015 cycle. I was advised to write a letter of continued interest. Once I write this and email it, it will be added to my file. I was wondering if anyone has advice about this. I know what I want to write, generally, but I don't want to come off... Idk, I can't find the word, I'm too upset. I was told that this is an application they'd take if it was earlier in the year. What should I include in my letter of continued interest?


  • LSATman1LSATman1 Alum Member
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    The LSAT Blog by Steve Schwartz has guidance about this:
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Go read Spivey's thread on TLS... There's a lot of great info on there and this question has been addressed countless times. And in my opinion the 66 people ahead of you is BS... I don't know what school this is but AFAIK most schools do not hard rank their wait lists like this. That's why a well timed LOCI the day before they admit off the wait list can get you an admit when you might not have gotten in otherwise. There are several consultants that specialize in this part of the business and it might be worth it to contact one of them at least for a free consult before you write the wrong LOCI.
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Legacy Inactive ⭐
    edited July 2015 1294 karma
    @Pacifico said:
    I don't know what school this is but AFAIK most schools do not hard rank their wait lists like this
    In Canada, U Ottawa is notorious for their wait list lol. This year, they put 358 people on a ranked wait list when their entire class was full. I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating it must be for wait-listed applicants when the lists are so huge.
  • mpits001mpits001 Alum Member
    938 karma
    @LSATman1 I'm reading that and using it as a foundation, thank you for linking it!

    @Pacifico I'll read it as soon as I can, I've heard similar things but I felt skeptical. I don't have much time to concoct the best LOCI, and I'm not sure where I can find a consult on such short notice. I will try as hard as I can, however. If not, I'm back to hitting the LSAT studying for a 3rd time to possibly get more scholarship.

    @Matt1234567 Wow, and 66 felt daunting :(
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