PrepTest 17 - Section 2 - Question 01

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can someone help me understand question 1? if they say the price of oil is connected to the price of cement, how can answer B be the correct answer? wouldnt oil be the source of energy to all the kilns?


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    Conclusion: the price of cement is influenced by the price of oil.

    Why? Because turning the ingredients into cement uses a lot of energy.

    So, the oil must be being used as a source of the kilns' energy if the price of cement is being influenced by the price of oil, which is what B says.

    We don't know that oil is used for all kilns, just that it is used for some. However, some could mean all, too.

    Even if you aren't totally convinced of this, there's absolutely no support for the rest of the answers.
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    ok thnx
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