Advice - Take the November LSAT or Wait till the January LSAT

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I have been studying on and off for 2 years. This the first time I been consistent with studying. I have basically finished the 7sage curriculum. I have started taking practice exams every Saturday. My actual score is low but my blind review’s are 10+ points higher. I been thinking about moving it up to 2 practice exams a week. But, I am not scoring consistently where I want and I don’t want to burn through my testing material. Some days I am getting questions right in the 170s and some days I kiss questions in the low 150s. I think I been studying too long my brain is full of material. I am scheduled to take the November and January LSAT. I plan to apply this application cycle and don’t want to push off applying another year. What should I do?

What should I do?
  1. Take the November LSAT10 votes
    1. Wait for the January LSAT
    2. Apply next cycle


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    Hey, so I can't vote for my opinion. I would say go for the November test (I'm also taking the Nov test and I'm happy to study with you)

    At worst: You get a low score, but here's the silver lining:
    - It'll inform you of where you stand and you can use that knowledge to correct/add on some additional study material.
    - It'll give you some more prep for January (which you may take and pass)
    - You'll know deficiencies under timed REAL test conditions which you can correct.
    - You may score poorly (but you can cancel the score via LSAC Score Preview)

    At best: You pass with a decent score. That's it, you're done.

    Personally, I think you're in a great position. You can't lose by taking the November LSAT.

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself. I fucked up and did that earlier this month, had a bit of a burnout and took about a week off, came back, and did super well on my PT I took this Monday. REST IS IMPORTANT. You'll have plenty of time to stress in Law School lol.

    So yeah, I'd say go for November.

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    I don't see any downside to taking the November LSAT if you're already signed up for November and January. I was in the same boat with October and November, and I ended up taking the October one too. I'm glad I did because I'm more familiar with how test day is going to go, and I figured out that I need to prioritize RC (wtf was that section) for the November test. I would reccomend taking both.

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