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Help on immigration law !

stephanieflores8094stephanieflores8094 Alum Member
edited November 2022 in Off-topic 99 karma

Hi former 7sage subscriber to LSAT resources, which helped me get into Pepperdine Law ! I was wondering if anyone who has taken immigration law would mind sending me their outline and/or notes? This is the first time my school is offering this course, so I'm struggling to find an immigration law outline to help guide my studying and my own outline. Would appreciate it so much thanks.


  • Maureen --Student Service--Maureen --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
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    @stephanieflores8094 We recommend that you do not post your email address publicly. Spam bots might pick up your email address and you'll get spam. If you want to share contact info, you can use a private message. You can see our Forum Guidelines here.

    I went ahead and removed your email address from your post.

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