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Answer Journal for RC

MTreigysMTreigys Core Member

Hi, I recently started taking my wrong answer journaling much more seriously since my last PT rather than just doing a somewhat brief and quick BR of the questions on the site due to the anticipation of my PT score. I think I have a good grasp on my LR incorrect answer journal based on what a previous tutor told me on a post of mine a few weeks ago, writing in my explanations for new or kept answers during a BR, so I can then evaluate my thinking when I see whether I was right or not, and what other inferences/tidbits of info I may have missed even if I was right, based on JY's explanations. Though for RC I am not really sure what to do, as I find it harder to remember what my reasoning was typically, due to it being more intuitive rather than cookie cutter in contrast to LR due to the nature of reading longer texts and passages, I find for my self at least. Maybe this shows a glaring flaw in how I approach RC.

P.S: Are there any recommendations for a good and free screen recording software that I can use during PTs?

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