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147 from October 2020

ema0722-1ema0722-1 Core Member

Hi, this will be my third time on the LSAT and have started applying to schools (they all know I am taking the LSAT in January). The past two times I got 143 and 147. I have severe test anxiety specifically for this lsat and have never experienced text anxiety for a test in university, grad school, anywhere. I guess I would say that logic’s reasoning is my strength, then reading comprehension, then logic games. I want to improve as much as I can and have made changes in my habits to help my anxiety including going on medication. Should I go about improving on all sections or just one? And what would be a reasonable expectation for a score increase?


  • Avatario43Avatario43 Core Member
    144 karma

    I feel you here. Can’t get above 150 on the actual thing but have done way better on practice tests. Looking for advice as well.

  • Crystal00Crystal00 Alum Member
    123 karma

    Hi! I think that usually actual test scores tend to be several points lower than PT scores but it doesn’t always have to be! I also think that the LSAT is extremely unique in this sense? I got extremely nervous for my first few exams! I started out with a 155 on my first exam and just for a 169 on the November exam! If you’re interested, I’m open if you’d like to chat!

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