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Substitute questions in LG

How do you deal with this type questions? I am so confused. Watch the video by JY in CC. It looks simple but when I am doing it my brain is jammed…


  • Hey there,

    To put very simply I think this one really comes down to your ability to quickly eliminate the clearly wrong options that limit your world and give room to too much.

    What I mean by that is you shouldn’t go into this with the mindset that you’ll be able to hunt for the right answer but rather find it through process of elimination.

    What I find works best for me is I quickly eliminate any AC that obviously contradicts my rules or limits the possible worlds more than the rules already do. For instance if the new rule makes it so you can’t have A and B beside each other but one of your rules clearly indicate that AB must be consecutive that would be an easy elimination.

    The next thing would be the harder skill which is to eliminate the AC that as JY says sneaks in worlds by making more possibilities available than the rules already allow.

    Overall it comes down to what your goal score is, if your aiming at perfection then you have to make sure you can get everything else right before this and only then I’d suggest to really focus on your abilities to visualize these sneak in worlds or limiting worlds AC.

    If perfection isn’t your goal and you would be satisfied with losing a this point then I’d say spend a max of 30 secs. Eliminate easily the ones that limit and you’ll come down to 2-3 potential ones. If anything obviously stands out that might provide more worlds than you can have then eliminate otherwise you might have to guess between the 2 you might be left with and come back if you have time. Definitely would put this question on lowest priority if 180 isn’t your goal.

    Hope this helps :)

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