LSAT Study date selection - How do I select a test date past June 2023?

kendsjeanskendsjeans Live Member
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I just signed up for the Monthly + Live subscription of 7Sage and am eager to get started! However, I am having an issue as the LSAT date selector/study planner will not let me select an LSAT dat/Study end date later than June 2023.

I won’t be taking the test until next year, so I was wondering how it would be possible for me reflect that in my studies?


  • blakelyhardinblakelyhardin Alum Member
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    I think it just hasn't been updated yet!

  • Cherry - Student ServiceCherry - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
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    @kendracraik Our team is still working on adding more test dates on the dropdown menu under the "My Law School Plan". We will keep you posted as soon as more test dates are added on the dropdown.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, I am here to assist you.

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