Preptest 17 section 2 question 03 ( PSA)

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Could someone explain why the answer is C? What does attending a college of choice have anything to do with it?


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    This is one of the few PTs I don't own. What exactly does the question entail?
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    So we are looking for a principle that would support the husband's argument about keeping the painting in the family, and the support he gives is that his wife owes it to their daughter to keep it in th family as a link to her fam's past.

    A: gifts should not be accepted? Doesn't match at all. Eliminate.

    B: work of art is more valuable? Value isn't the issue here. And we also do not know that the painting is beautiful. Eliminate.

    C: if it is in fact more important for parents to provide links to fam's past (I.E. The painting) than it is to pay for their child's college (which is the reason the wife is arguing to sell the portrait), then it would absolutely support the husband's argument because it's saying that his motivations are more important than his wife's (this test was from the early 2000s after all, so maybe we should give LSAC a pass for the subtle sexism here lol).

    D: we don't know about any promises that may have been made. Eliminate.

    E: this would argue I'm favor of the wife's proposal, not the husnand's. Eliminate.
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