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when should I start taking full length practice tests?

studentlifestudentlife Alum Member
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when should I start taking full length practice tests? I have completed over half of the logical reasoning in core curriculum but not sure when to start taking full length PTs. Have not taken a PT since the diagnostic



  • Allan B.Allan B. Alum Member
    edited May 2023 17 karma

    If you took the prep test before starting the curriculum for your baseline score, then you don't need to take another PT until you've completed a majority of the curriculum (including RC and LG). If you want to know where you're at- no offense as this applies to everyone including myself- you're probably not where you want to be. Keep studying and once you have some mastery over the material as a whole, you can start taking PT's to see what you need to go back and review. If time is your worry then do some problem sets to see your speed.
    P.S. These are my personal thoughts and I'm following this strategy as well. Feel free to disregard and good luck with your studying!

  • EricB_LSATEricB_LSAT Member
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    I would point out that the answer to this question also depends on what your primary issues are. Do you have trouble maintaining endurance? Do you have trouble with skipping and flagging strategies? Do you change your approach under time? When you hit multiple hard questions, do you lose moral?

    I personally believe that adding in PT's every few weeks or less, can be beneficial if those are your issues. For me, I have to work on maintaining focus and endurance, so longer Drills and PT's are helpful for me. For others, they actually need to relearn how to read with no time. With LG's, I am really bad at them. So doing a bunch of timed LG's would not be as helpful as actually practicing LG's with no time.

    However, increasing my RC was mostly about solving timing issues. I learned this best by putting myself in a PT and operating under that time and endurance constraint.

    My goal score is also not 180 or even high 170s. So the entire strategy depends on overall time to your actual test, and what your goal score is.

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