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Letters of Recommendation

Rob SlipkovichRob Slipkovich Free Trial Member
edited November 2013 in General 33 karma
I graduated a couple years ago and am having trouble with letters of rec. I briefly held a part time job and then opened a tourism company with a business partner directly after. I also did not have strong relationships with professors while in college due to the sheer volume of students in each class. Any suggestions on where I should be looking for recs? Thanks!


  • jamiewong107jamiewong107 Alum Member
    47 karma

    I am struggling with this too. I graduated my program with a pretty strong GPA, but my MBA program was online. Honestly, to say that I am freaking out over having no academic LOR prospects would be an understatement. Have you heard anything regarding whether a lack of academic LOR's is really that hurtful or not?
    Thanks and good luck to you.

    Oh and also, as someone in your boat, my recommendations would be:
    1. Ask your business partner for a letter
    2. Are there any companies that you work directly with on a consistent basis? Any legal partners? I would ask a colleague who has an important work relationship with you to write a recommendation as well. If your company is doing particularly well your partner can speak to your strengths/dependability if it is doing well and how you contributed, etc.
  • Rob SlipkovichRob Slipkovich Free Trial Member
    33 karma
    Were there any professors that you corresponded with during your MBA that may provide some insight in a LOR? I think we are under some uncommon circumstances while applying. Especially because we took routes that have disconnected us from the traditional path. Thank you for the good suggestions, I will have to evaluate my best available options.

    I don't think that your pursuit of an MBA would give law schools a reason to deny admittance, unless the recommendations that you used were irrelevant toward your abilities and accomplishments. I would take a moment and see if you could find a past professor or employer to shed some light on your abilities.
  • cloy26260cloy26260 Alum Member
    46 karma
    While the overall consensus is to have an academic LOR, I wouldn't sweat it too hard... (or maybe I would and I'm just being naive.) I've worked at a law firm for the past 3 years and didn't stay in touch with any professors. I got one from my attorney and actually got one from another intern (who was a 2L at the time) who recently graduated and passed the bar. Moral is: don't be limited to the strict relationships everyone is locked into... Do I wish I had an academic LOR? sure. Are schools going to reject me if I have a decent GPA/LSAT on that basis? Doubtful.

    Business partner would be good IMO. Just anyone who can vouch for your character and why you would be a good candidate for law school.

  • jamiewong107jamiewong107 Alum Member
    47 karma
    Rob and Cloy,

    I definitely agree. Thinking about it with a good GPA, work experience and relevant letters (not from friends or random people) I wouldn't want to set foot in a school that focused on such a bogus factor. So Cloy, where are you in the process now?
  • cloy26260cloy26260 Alum Member
    46 karma
    Prepping as hard as I can for December. I have a 155 from October, but it's not enough.

    I have my transcripts in and my LORs in, just need to finish up a little on the PS and I'll be ready to send 'em off.
  • jamiewong107jamiewong107 Alum Member
    47 karma
    You'll do fine! Good luck and congrats in advance!
  • flannerykcflannerykc Free Trial Member
    3 karma
    Can someone please explain the difference between a letter of recommendation and an evaluation? Do I put down each contact as both a recommendation and an evaluation?
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