PT62.S4.Q08 & 10 - storytelling / europa, a moon of jupiter

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Hi all, I just took PT 62 today and I would like to get some input from other 7sagers regarding the answer choices for these two questions. I scored a 173 on the exam, but there were a couple of answers that still do not sit right with me after watching each explanation ten times. For question 8 the stimulus refers to "diverse cultures," but the correct answer choice includes the phrase, "all of the world's cultures," which seems overreaching. I initially circled this answer choice (C), but I changed it to "A," which I thought was incorrect as well. As for question 10, it seems to me that the flaw is that liquid water is not sufficient for primitive life to evolve, but the correct answer choice reads, "fails to consider that there are conditions necessary for the evolution of life in addition to the presence of liquid water." How does this introduce the notion that water is not sufficient? It just points out that there might be other necessary factors. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Haven't put eyes on it yet, bud. Sorry.
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    Sorry dude, I have not even taken it. :(
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    We'll be taking this in the BR group on the 15th! Most folks won't take it until then. I've taken it and will try to take a look soon.
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    Question 8: I see what you're saying about C seeming overreaching, but this is only a MSS question. The answer doesn't have to be airtight. C concludes something about all of the world's cultures based on an analysis of extremely different and separated cultures, making it the smallest leap in logic out of all the answer choices.

    Question 10: I would rephrase the flaw here as the speaker assuming that water is *the only* necessary condition for life. The speaker says that (1) there is water and (2) water is necessary for life so (conclusion) there is life. B identifies the flaw as the speaker failing to consider that there are other necessary conditions for life, i.e., that water is not by itself a sufficient condition for life.

    Hope that helps, but let me know if it doesn't and I'll try again.
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