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is it possible to remove the green check mark from a lesson?

maxmaxbobaxmaxmaxbobax Alum Member
edited November 2013 in Technical Problems 98 karma
'Is it possible to unchecked a lesson ? I wanna remove the green heck mark because I accidentally went through the lesson but didn't finish it . Would rather not star it since that means " important / focus on again/ confusing " in my head.


  • waterbottlewaterbottle Alum Member
    5 karma
    i have the same concern.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    14094 karma
    There's a secret way to do erase all your progress. It erases ALL your progress without any confirmation whatsoever, so don't go to the link below unless you are sure you want to erase your progress :)

    If there are just a few items, you may want to "Star" those lessons. Just click on the star outline to the left of the lesson name. That way you can mark the lessons so they are easy to find again later.
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