PT June 2007.S2.Q5, 11, 18, 20, 22, 24

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Not quite sure if this is the appropriate category to ask this question, but here goes...

I just finished the "Intro to Arguments" lesson and wanted more practice, so I returned to the June 2007 Practice Test. As I went through Section 2, I came a cross a few questions where I wasn't sure how to parse out the Premise (P), Conclusion (C), or Context. As you can probably tell, I'm new at this, so if any of you find it easy to explain one problem or another, any help offered will be much appreciated. :)

#5. --- (My problem = P? C? Is this an argument?)
#11. -- (My problem = is the first sentence "Context" or part of the "Argument (P)?")
#18. -- (My problem = what is P and C here?)
#20. -- (My problem = where does Context end? with "citywide opposition." or with "opposing the new water system,?")
#22. -- (My Problem = where does the C start? with "This has the effect..." or with "which in turn discourages...?")
#24. -- (My Problem = Is C missing?)


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    @Sahng-Ah, you can certainly ask these questions here. Have you taken a look at the video explanations?
  • Sahng-Ah YooSahng-Ah Yoo Member
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    Thanks, J.Y. I had used the videos to review the exam after I finished but forgot about it to try to answer my questions. Thanks for reminding me.

    Unfortunately, I'm still unclear for #18 and #22. I realize this is just really basic stuff but I'd feel much more comfortable if I could just get them clarified. You or anyone else willing to give me input? :)
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    Sure, I'd be happy to help. But since everyone here has access to those explanations (they're free with the free account:, can you post your questions about #18 and #22 on their pages? There's a discussion board underneath every video lesson.
  • Sahng-Ah YooSahng-Ah Yoo Member
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    yea of course. thanks! :)
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