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For the August LSAT, do I need to learn the conditional indicators (Gp 1,2,3,4)?

romanchog9romanchog9 Core Member
in General 10 karma

I was wondering if the conditional indicators are used in the logical reasoning questions, or is it just for the logic games that are no longer going to be on the LSAT. I am preparing for the next cycle and don't want to cover anything that won't help me. Thanks!


  • emb12345emb12345 Core Member
    28 karma

    Yes! They have helped me improve significantly with MBT LR questions, especially when the stimulus becomes more convoluted.

  • nicholas.leon96nicholas.leon96 Alum Member
    171 karma

    They are definitely used in LR. I would say that, for many questions, a reflexive understanding of conditional logic is essential.

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