LSAT cancelled tomorrow in Salem, OR - Noooo!!!!!

GinaGina Free Trial Member
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Ugh, I just got an email from LSAC saying that tomorrow's test has been cancelled at my assigned test center (Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR). I seriously can't believe this! There isn't even snow in the forecast, it's just cold. Is there anyone else here who's affected by this??? The email says "Next week we will contact you by email regarding options, including a make-up administration." I hope this doesn't delay the reporting of my score. I'm already submitting my applications way later than I had intended. :-(


  • christinemrobbins841christinemrobbins841 Free Trial Member
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    I'm in Louisville, KY and I got the same email. At the time it was just raining, but now it's been snowing and sleeting nonstop. I was just ready to take the LSAT and get it over with, but it looks like we have some more study time. I don't think it will delay our scores too much. I saw online other people that took it during a make-up session didn't have their score delayed much, if at all.
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Free Trial Member
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    thank god test in San Antonio wasn't getting cancelled.. tomorrow is supposed to be damn cold but the SUN just came out few hours ago so i guess we are good..not sure about other cities in Texas, pretty messed up everywhere, it's been 20 something all over the place
  • GinaGina Free Trial Member
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    I hope you're right, Christine!
  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
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    Gina, I'm sure it will work out. It's better that it's cancelled ahead of time. The first time I ever took the LSAT there was a rainstorm, lightning and thunder, and the power went out. That won't be you! Just make the most out of some extra study time with 7Sage. I wouldn't mind an extra week myself. Good luck!
  • GinaGina Free Trial Member
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    Thanks, Katherine. Good luck to you, too!
  • J.B.90.CU2008J.B.90.CU2008 Free Trial Member
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    Does anyone know whether the makeup exam will have the logic games printed on 2 pages (i.e. post June 2012 style) or single page (i.e. pre June 2012)? I'm hoping it's the former, but curious on whether I should expect to have less room to work with on LG.
  • GinaGina Free Trial Member
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    I've read on other forums that previous make-up tests have included the old one-page LG set-up, so I'm mentally preparing for that possibility. There's no way to know beforehand!
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