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Help with sequence of PT's for Dec??

twssmithtwssmith Alum
After multiple starts and stops due to family, I have covered the basics to prepare. I still have weaknesses in a few areas but feel confident in others. I would really like to expose all weaknesses under time constraints while not burning thru PT's while I am still learning through the BR process.
I started the LSAT journey haphazardly so I do not have a diagnostic, but the few PT's I have taken are 155-160, but no blind review as of yet for optimal knowledge of where I stand or as JY would say that it could have been "blind luck":)
My plan is 2 per week with thorough BR - thanks to everyone sharing their experiences to not burn-out. I am not sure that going sequentially is the best plan given the shifts in the later PT's (not harder, but different - thx again for all of the input). But, I am not sure it is wise to use more current PT's during this stage.
Fortunately, I started studying before PDF ban and have all PT's and JY's videos to make the process easier. My plan is to join as many BR group sessions as I can that do not conflict with family obligations.
For you that have been there - done that - what sequence would you advise to begin serious PT'ing?


  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    I would most definitely start with the more recent Pt's. If you can crunch 15 PT's by the time Dec rolls around, then do PT 60-75. This will give you exposure to the comparative reading passages and the more convoluted RC passages.

    This advice above is basically if this is your first and last time taking the LSAT. If you think you might have to retake, then maybe start a little back in the 50s and save some of the fresher ones for your second try.
  • goalis180goalis180 Alum Member
    531 karma
    To be honest if you have other commitments in your life 2-3 pts is great with thorough BR. Which means the more recent PT's would be best. I personally have 0 commitments. I have no bills, kids, or other priorities. I am taking the Dec LSAT as well and plan on doing 4-5PT's a week with thorough BR. However, people would caution you about such a work load. I am a different breed of human. My drive for success overpowers any sort of burnout. I study 7 days a week, about 6-9hrs a day. If you know you can manage such intensity for september, october, and november Then you can start at the earlier tests.
  • badgalriribadgalriri Alum Member
    316 karma
    @goalis180 are you applying this cycle? jw
  • goalis180goalis180 Alum Member
    531 karma
    Yes, I am.
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