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Making 5-section PTs

adrian.parlowadrian.parlow Member
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Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I'm wondering what procedure people use for adding an extra section in. Do you always do a particular one, like LG, or mix it up? How do you choose where to stick it in? One thing I'm concerned about is that I won't devote my full effort to it if I know which section is unscored. I just want to make my practice testing as representative as possible of the real LSAT


  • NYC12345NYC12345 Alum Inactive Sage
    1654 karma
    Always use different sections and insert the experimental into different orders every time.
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I have the PDFs so all my pages are watermarked with the test and none of them are section gives anyways so it's impossible for me to not know which section it is. Personally I don't put any less effort in but if you need help in that department then the best idea I have seen is to take an earlier PT (anything from 1-35) or something in the 30s or 40s that you're not going to get to given your timeline. Cannibalize that test and use its four sections as a fifth section for four other PTs. Then BR and score them as one test like you would any others. I think if you know it will be scored you are going to treat it like it's real.

    Furthermore, doing this allows you to sneak in an extra PT every week and a half to two weeks so you can do seven or five per fortnight versus six or four if you were doing the normally recommended schedules.

    I always put it first because it makes it easier to organize and score everything. In the above example with using the extra test, I have started keeping those whole exams on their own score sheet so I don't have to retrieve the scores from the scores sheets from other PTs.

    Another tactic, especially if LR is your worst section: create a fifth section out of all the LR questions you have previously gotten wrong during PTs. I guarantee it will be the hardest LR section you have done even if you watched the videos for all the questions.
  • adrian.parlowadrian.parlow Member
    14 karma
    Thanks for the pointers guys. I think cannibalizing old tests will be my best option, since I have the pdfs for every PT and definitely will not get to the majority of them. I usually score near perfect on LR so maybe I'll just alternate between RC and LG from older tests. Unfortunately the old RC is pretty easy compared to the newer ones....
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