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More PTs vs. Review PTs vs. Review Curriculum/Drill [pls help]

granny_smithgranny_smith Member
in General 91 karma
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to ask advice of any of the 7sagers here--I'd really, really appreciate it. I've been kind of lost amongst the different study methods and feel I need to schedule some pattern before the December. Also, good luck to all of those taking the October!! Sending good vibes to my friends and other members here on the 3rd.

So here's the situation:

Diagnostic was 149. By now after the curriculum I've taken a few PTs, Actual: 155,152,156, 152, respectively. BR: 162, 166, 166, 169, and 164, respectively. LR I avg -9, LG -13, and RC -6. I find timing to be a problem, as many probably do.

Initially I wanted to take 3 tests a week, but I have only been taking 2 since I've felt I needed more time to review--but I also think taking the tests has been helping me in terms of stamina, and the exposure seems good. I know I have a lot lot lot of work to do in LG, should I just take a break from the PTs and just do a few sets every day for a week or something before revisiting PTs? And LR I'm also behind--should I spend more time drilling conditionals and revisiting NA in the curriculum, for example, or spend more time reviewing the questions of the PTs I've taken? I've only taken the PTs in the 40s...and I keep freaking out at entire games. I've gone over a few of the LR chapters in the Trainer but for some reason it doesn't seem to be clicking...

Basically I'm not sure where I should be spending more time. If I'm feeling very tired one day, should I put off taking an exam until I'm much more focused and ready to improve my score? My friends have kept telling me "take as many PTs as possible before the exam" and have made it sound as though sheer repetition of PTs will make me better somehow. I want to break into the 60's many PTs do I expect to take before I get there? My goal was a 170 but I know that's very difficult and at this point I just want to be getting BETTER.

Would really love your help. :)) I wish I could offer more to you guys but I've been mostly learning from the community here. maybe in the future...


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    First of all you have essentially taken 0 PTs. That is how little 4 PTs counts for IMO. So don't stress about that. However your LG is too low to waste doing full PTs.

    Instead, do this for a week or two, first with individual games and then with full sections:

    Don't worry about RC, just focus on drilling some problem areas in LR but nothing too crazy, just get that LG locked down.

    Then go back to 2 PTs/week with an excellent clean copy BR and see where your analytics take you after about 5-10 more PTs. If your timed scores don't start migrating above 160 consistently then you need some work on the fundamentals, and I'd say the same goes if your BR doesn't hit 170 at least a time or two.

    Quality over quantity. Sure you could take 50 PTs before December but it's likely going to do more harm than good given the timeline. So chill out, have some fun getting awesome at LG and then move on with your prep and stop listening to your friends.
  • jyang72jyang72 Alum Member
    844 karma
    First of all, take one more PT and check analytics and see where your weakness is. Then, go get cambridge packet and drill those type of questions you are not good at. I will do at least 30 a day and start from difficult 1,3 then 2,4. In terms of RC, this is my worst section and English is my second language. But check out here:
  • granny_smithgranny_smith Member
    91 karma
    Thanks both of you guys. Started working on the LGs- @Pacifico how many games/game sets were you doing a day? So far I've done 3 4-problem sets a day, timed as if I were taking the first 3 sections of the LSAT. I'm doing this because I think I have more difficulty distributing time efficiently in between games--anyone else do this too?
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I've done anywhere from a game a day to 4 sections per day. All depends on how you're feeling, what you need, what you have time for, and where you are in your prep.
  • lpadr009lpadr009 Free Trial Member
    379 karma
    not much help here but danggg that RC score is a enviable. lucky :)
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