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Advice on what to do from here......!

harrismeganharrismegan Member
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Hi All :) I've posted a few times and your advice has always been amazing and assuring!

I took the October exam this past Saturday and thought that it went well. I'm sure my experimental (LR) was the second section, so I think I did pretty okay with the rest of the exam.

I was scoring in the mid to high 160s ish before the exam, so I think I might have reached my goal of getting in the 160s. I don't have a specific target score, but I am looking to get as high as possible.

With that said, I'm thinking of signing up for the December exam for two reasons:
1. If I do get in the range I was looking for, I can always take the December exam and try and squeeze out more points. The schools I am applying to take your highest LSAT mark, so I don't see any harm in taking it a third time for that reason.
2. If I don't get in the range I was looking for, I'll have to re-take anyways, and I wouldn't want to set myself back by two weeks. I am taking a few days off though. :)

My question is.... where do I go from here? I have a few clean PTs left. Some in the 60s and some in the 70s that I saved for this reason. I have been through the curriculum 2x already, so I'm not looking to do it a third time, although I will revisit lessons as needed.

My weak areas are NA, SA, PSA, Weaken, and Reading Comprehension.

I have to go back to work full-time now, so I was thinking of taking 2 PTs a week... 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday, and spending the week BRing the exams and working on my weak points. Obviously I only have a few fresh PTs, so I was thinking of starting in the 50s and retaking 50, 51, 52, 53.... ect and save the fresh ones until I get closer to December. Is that a good idea?

How should I help myself in terms of Reading Comprehension?
What would you suggest to help myself fix some of my LR weaknesses?

Thanks a bunch :D


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    Have you read the Trainer? It should help your RC and some of your gaps in LR. And starting with some retakes next week is a great way to go and then use up your fresh ones after Halloween.

    Definitely take the December regardless since even a slight increase can make a big difference in scholarship money.
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    I have read the Trainer. Not the entire thing. But the Flaw, Reading Comp, and a few question areas. Should I re-read it? I guess I'm just wondering how much drilling I should be doing.

    If I take 2 retake PTs a week, a good solid BR (177 +/- 3 like you've advised before), should I spend non-BR days drilling questions and passages?
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