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LG 1-35 Categorization?

mjpatty12mjpatty12 Alum Member
in General 102 karma
Hey everyone, I have realized that they way I learn best for LG is to focus on one specific type at a time instead of going from sequencing to grouping to in out. Has anyone categorized the games from 1-35 in this way? I know the game type is listed in the answers but I was wondering if someone has already done it or not and was willing to share. Thanks in advance!


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I think @c.janson35 has some links to such lists. However I would strongly recommend against this strategy as it removes the element of surprise and need to navigate the waters of determining the game type and the approach. If you know a game is grouping with a charter double layer sequencing in advance then it will change how you approach the game from the outset in a way that you cannot prevent. So what you think is the best way for you to learn may not be the most helpful in terms of replicating and anticipating test day conditions.
  • mjpatty12mjpatty12 Alum Member
    102 karma
    Good point man. Thanks for the response!
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