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When is it ok to take a break from lsat studying

jsumlin23jsumlin23 Alum Member
edited February 2014 in General 66 karma
Just a simple question. I feel like I could use a break but I feel incredibly guilty if I do because my scores are not where I want them to be and I'm a June test taker. I feel like I'd be wasting time but this test makes me feel like I have a thousand pounds of stress on my back some days.


  • kendallcfisherkendallcfisher Alum Member
    40 karma
    I think it's okay...I'm in the same boat as you, same test date and everything. I find I learn more effectively if I DO take breaks, like maybe a day here or there. Study effectively when you DO study, and break effectively as well.
  • A_Iheduru23A_Iheduru23 Alum Member
    64 karma
    I look at LSAT studying like playing a video game, maybe something like FIFA, or even Call of Duty. In the beginning of playing both games, you can adjust the difficulty of playing them so that you start at a beginner's level, so that you can adequately learn the fundamentals. Therefore, when you become good enough to so that the game gets much easier, you can change the level of difficulty. This cycle repeats itself, until one stops or reaches their peak level.

    Now, unless you have some experience with soccer video games or shooting video games, it's going to take you a while to become proficient. But these games are so damn addicting, that most people don't even realize how long they're playing for, because video games have an inherent reward system built into them.

    Ultimately, studying for the LSAT is no different than COD or FIFA, except the fact that you're under much more pressure, and the fact that you probably don't see aren immediate reaction or result to a strategy you used to answer a question or mark up a passage until you see the answers. But it is definitely more likely that the more you practice, the more your scores will improve.
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    Never. You must study for the LSAT until the end of your days. :/
  • jsumlin23jsumlin23 Alum Member
    66 karma
    I feel like a lot of my exhaustion comes from being so close to my goal score. It sometimes feels like I'm in a plateau I guess. It's very frustrating
  • LSATislandLSATisland Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    Breaks are important. You'll come back refreshed.
  • Jason Camp_Jason Camp_ Alum Member
    61 karma
    That COD reference was one for the ages..
  • dustinvonhotlen-1dustinvonhotlen-1 Alum Member
    16 karma
    Take breaks once in a while, but keey your focus. You will regret not having social skills!
  • msdaisy16msdaisy16 Member
    46 karma
    YOU NEED BREAKS! I repeat. YOU NEED BREAKS! I started studying for the LSAT May 2013 till December 2013. I took the December 2013 test. Towards the end of my studying I was so over the LSAT because A) I had been studying so long for it and B) I didn't take quality breaks. I did take a break for like a week during June or July but that was really it. You will go crazy if you don't take breaks. Trust me. Not only that this test is demoralizing and can and will take a lot of energy out of you.
  • Eugene Gladsky-1Eugene Gladsky-1 Legacy Member
    42 karma
    Holidays or events such as a death or birth of another person.
  • Jaguar007Jaguar007 Member
    114 karma
    I never took breaks and let me tell you
    it did not help
    when i finally took a break because I had an LSAT burn out
    it had to be a four month break
    and I came back so much more ready to kill it
    take the break you'll do better
    don't feel guilt if you of not take a break you won't be as productive anyway so defeats the purpose
  • adaharehvxcnadaharehvxcn Member
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