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Is the word "then" an indicator word introducing a necessary condition and/or a conclusion?

munderlarkstmunderlarkst Free Trial Member
in General 16 karma
I am wondering if the word "then" introduces a necessary condition and/or the conclusion to premise(s); and if "then" is only pertinent to conditional statements, or to cause and effect statements, as well. Of note, I am wondering this because the word "then" seems to function similarly to words that I know introduce necessary conditions and conclusions -- such as, "requires" or "must" (for necessary conditions); and "therefore" or "thus" (for conclusions) -- but I do not see "then" on any official list of indicator words that introduce necessary conditions or conclusions.

Thank you!


  • GSU HopefulGSU Hopeful Core
    1644 karma
    @munderlarkst Yes, when used in the context of a conditional statement, "then" introduces a necessary condition. You will rarely, if ever, see "then" introduce a conclusion. A conditional statement using "then" could be embedded in the conclusion, but I have never seen "then" introduce a conclusion by itself.
  • munderlarkstmunderlarkst Free Trial Member
    16 karma
    @GSU Hopeful -- Thank you for your response! It is very helpful!
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