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Last Minute Score Drop (RC Issues)

dj768083724dj768083724 Alum Member
in General 112 karma
So this is a slight spin off of a different post reading RC. On Sunday I had a huge score drop from my high of 162 back down to 150. My clean copy BR was 176.

The break down was -7/-8 on LR -15 on LG and -14 on RC. LG I completely understood the score drop, a couple of bi-conditionals I wasn't familiar with and caused me to freeze. I BR and I feel fairly confident that if I see these issues again I will know what to do.

However, this is actually reflective of an overall trend I am seeing here. I've seen my LR improve significantly and I am fairly consistent w/ -7/8 and this was certainly and LG outlier and I'm usually seeing -3 or so. But I have just not seen RC improve, and it's stayed roughly -10 since day one. My diagnostic had me at -8 which would have put me at pretty decent shape for test day in Dec.

So far it's been either accuracy or speed. If I go for accuracy, I'm down -13/14. If I'm going for speed I've seen -10. As the PT have progressed I feel like both have steadily gotten worse and I can't tell whether the sections are just actually more difficult or my strategy is getting more and more off-base. Any ideas how to shore this up in the next couple of weeks?


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