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LR and LG sections

Hello all!
I have but 8 day till the December Lsat's and I am at a terrible position. I am doing poor on all 3 sections. I can only get 3/4 passages on RC section and 3/4 games in LGs. My LR section results are terrible as well. Iv decided to focus only on 3 passages for RCs, and work on improving my LG and LR sections.
I would like some suggestions how to best spend the next 8 days. Should I focus on doing mix of lr and lgs? Should I devote one day to LR and one to LG'S? Or spend the next 8 days doing as much Full tests as possible?

Any suggestions, criticisms, ha ha's welcomed! Thanks


  • StopLawyingStopLawying Alum Member
    821 karma
    Why would you take December then? Postpone.
  • nordeendnordeend Alum Member
    edited November 2015 349 karma
    Yep, there is no reason to take it in December. If you try and rush the LSAT then you will not do so well. Translate that.
  • AlejandroAlejandro Member Inactive ⭐
    2424 karma
    what is your target score?
  • amipp_93amipp_93 Alum Member
    585 karma
    ^if you haven't hit your target score 5-10 times, under strict timed conditions. You have no business taking the LSAT in 8 days. Postpone till June, maximize all your sections and aim for a solid score. Law school won't sink overnight!!! Good luck!
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    @nordeend RLSAT --> (-)DW. Is it sad that my brain automatically goes into "conditional logic mode" as soon as I see the terms "If" and "then"?

    OP is there any reason why you're not postponing. I am in the same boat as you, but will likely postpone. Either way, for both LG and RC the best way to approach them is to drill the heck out of them until they feel "second nature." I'm not quite there yet, but I now understand what people mean when they say that.
  • KiruKiruKiruKiru Member
    30 karma
    Thank you all! I was reluctant to postpone until Feb because I was under the impression that my target Canadian law schools will not accept Feb Lsat. I am aiming for a score around 160, and I am scoring around 150. Iv only done around 7-8 full timed practice tests. I guess I should seriously consider postponing until Feb. Thank you all for your sagely advice haha. @nordeend DW ---> /try or /rush lsat ?:P
  • GSU HopefulGSU Hopeful Monthly
    1644 karma
    I would most definitely postpone but would err on the side of caution and postpone it until June at the earliest. Best of luck.
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