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LSAT 75 and new lsat trends

zotter14zotter14 Free Trial Member
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I usually score 166-168. My lowest PT has been 161. I just took the June 2015 LSAT (75) fully timed and tanked it at 156. I'm taking the LSAT this Saturday and I'm freaking out because this will be my last shot at this test. Is it possible that it was just PT 75 in particular that was so difficult or is there a noticable trend among newer LSATs? I feel like the answer choices have gotten significantly more tricky, RC is more time consuming/tricky, and that 72 and 75 both had at least one odd game (the fourth game in both). Did anyone else have particular difficulty with this exam? Are June LSATs harder compared to others?


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    hey just wanna let you know that i am in the exact same boat as you and am going over the test right now. my average is right around 166-168 and just ended up getting a 158 on prep 75. i dunno if it was harder but i did felt really unsure after taking it. after having gone over half of it i found that i had fallen for a bunch of the same mistakes i had drilled myself not to make. maybe its the same with you. it was just given in a different form that kind of freaked me out, and i ended up misreading things, thinking over wrong answers too intensely and wasting time, and then having to rush over questions cause i spent too much time. also the reading comp was totally fucked for me cause i did an experimental reading section and by the time i got to that glass passage my brain was dead and my 5 min buzzer rang before i even got to start reading it. dont take it too harsh. youre not alone in thinking it was hard. glad yoiu posted cause i was feeling pretty down about my score too
  • sean.marzsean.marz Alum Member
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    If you've been averaging in the high 160s during the other 70s I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe your score on 75 was a fluke! It's important that you don't let any negatives wreck your confidence heading into the test. Insert Confucius quote here:

    “He who who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right”

    But at the end of the day, these are the LSATs we're dealing with now and will most likely see on Saturday. There will be a curve ball game and RC passages that I personally think are the devil. If they do revert back to easier LG/RC I won't complain but it doesn't matter because we're going to ace it no matter what.
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