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Fall 2016 Admission with Feb 2016 LSAT

zoeygrl101zoeygrl101 Legacy Member
in General 16 karma
I'm taking the December test this weekend and I'm not feeling up to my full potential. Even though I've had the flu this week, I still feel like I'll do moderately well, but not as well as I know I can do. If I apply for schools with my December test and end up doing better on my February test, will law schools still take my Feb LSAT into account? Are there any disadvantages to this in terms of scholarship money, likelihood of getting accepted, etc? Or should I wait to apply to schools until I have taken the Feb LSAT?


  • J.H. SongJ.H. Song Alum Member
    201 karma
    If your December score is good enough to get an acceptance letter, then yes, a better February test score can be used for scholarship negotiations. If your December score does not put you in a comfortable spot, then you run the risk of an early rejection, in which case you are completely out for the cycle (for the particular school).

    My suggestion would be to go ahead and take the December test (assuming you are in fact comfortable that you will do well enough) and then decide once the scores come out if you want to apply with it or wait for the February retake. If you are not comfortable, just wait for February.

    Hope this helps.
  • zoeygrl101zoeygrl101 Legacy Member
    16 karma
    Thank you! Yes it does!
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