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Let's Hear the Best Test Center Stories

PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
edited December 2015 in General 8021 karma
Proctor: any questions before we start?

Rando: may I grab a sip of water from my bottle really quick?

Proctor: yes.

Rando: [sips water].

Proctor: anyone else?

Rando: can I grab a sip of water during the test?

Proctor: no.

Rando: during the 5 minute breaks, may I grab a sip of water or eat a handful of nuts?

Proctor: yes.

Me: this dude is going to be sorely disappointed when there are no 5 minute breaks.

End result: Rando drinks water during test at the end of each section after time is called and is not reprimanded for it.



  • splitterhopefulsplitterhopeful Alum Member
    edited December 2015 340 karma
    I only have one story which isn't very exciting. I was the last one in (or so i thought) at 8:28. We got started right away. At about 8:45 a lady comes in and to my surprise they let her sit, even though we are close to starting and she has all the multitudinous form info spaces to fill in. A few minutes into the first section, the lady was still entering in her form info and the proctor walks over to her and says something. Lady then turns in her test book, etc. and leaves. She didn't even look distraught. I never thought anyone would take the $175 LSAT on a lark, but she certainly acted that way...
  • kennedybjkennedybj Alum Member
    697 karma
    We had 8 people in our room alone not show up. As well as this one guy who would not put his pencil down when the Proctor called time. She ended up getting in his face and telling him to put his pencil down when she said to or she was going to throw him out
  • splitterhopefulsplitterhopeful Alum Member
    340 karma
    Also, the lights briefly turned off at some point for about 10 seconds. I was near a window so I kept going. I don't think we got any compensation for it, though.
  • kennedybjkennedybj Alum Member
    697 karma
    I'm amazed at how many people don't read the instructions on their ticket. My center turned away several people because they didn't have pictures on their ticket and numerous people had grocery bags instead of ziplocs
  • PMLSAT83PMLSAT83 Alum Member
    edited December 2015 124 karma
    All I can say is - Grand Central Station. Three proctors for 35 students. Each of which; talked the entire examination, exited and entered the room over a dozen times while slamming the door each time, and never once thought to think that 35 students would like to have it QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can people be so inconsiderate? Thanks for starting this, I needed something to pair with my whisky.
  • dj768083724dj768083724 Alum Member
    112 karma
    "Does anyone have any questions?
    "Can I leave my prescription Chapstick at my desk?"
    "Your what?"
    "Yeah, it's a thing"
    *entire group laughs*
    "This is the LSAT... Not a club"
  • Camila.M.Camila.M. Free Trial Member
    edited December 2015 41 karma
    I lucked out. Thought I was the odd ball taking major deep breaths throughout the exam. Although my proctor (post break) gave exams back to the wrong people (even after supposedly checking their ID). On my 5th drink and this is the best comical relief. Keep them coming. Thanks all.
  • 35 karma
    Grocery bags... LOL
    My test was in a big lecture hall with those little arm tables that give you zero space to work and force you to fold over the test booklet with the answer sheet underneath... Sounds like a minor gripe but it was really pissing me off having to flip back and forth especially on the reading comp and logic games where you have to refer back to the first page when answering the questions
  • kaytheehkaytheeh Member
    132 karma
    "Any questions?"
    "What if we need to pee?"
    "Do you need to pee? If so go now"
    Mass exit of all the women, including me.
  • kmojorelikmojoreli Member
    118 karma
    I still can't get over how people show up without any pencils. And that the proctors ask people "Does anyone need a pencil?. I mean really? You didn't bring even 1?
  • zotter14zotter14 Free Trial Member
    65 karma
    dude: is there a clock somewhere?
    proctor: yes, on the wall.
    dude: silent.

    i swear i saw at least 4 people in my room without a watch. "are you serious?" << my reaction.
  • MikeRossMikeRoss Member
    21 karma
    Lady rips apart her answer sheet in front of proctor and leaves before the time is called.
    " I don't want it scored"
    Real story. I am sure they will report her to LSAC.
  • ellie1991ellie1991 Alum Member
    237 karma
    Mouth breathing, sighing, toe tapping, yawning, pencil knocking and even "click clock mouth noises" from the lady directly behind me.... It was just this one lady! The rest of the room was quiet as could be. I seriously started to have paranoid thoughts of this lady being planted in my test center and placed directly in my ear for the soul purpose of wrecking my concentration..
    The proctor just sat there, almost as if she was intrigued by the amount of noise this one lady could make. I caught eyes with the proctor and motioned behind me, as to say "do something!"
    .... She [the proctor] just smiled at me. I nearly lost it...
    The one thing I can count on is already having a decent score from October. As for December, I have no idea. What a horrible experience.

    I came straight home, poured a double shot of whiskey, turned on a documentary and took a five hour nap.

  • lenelson2lenelson2 Member
    523 karma
    One of the proctors cell phone went off on full blast! Firstly, who needs their volume that high in normal life? And aren't you not suppose to have cell phones because of that very reason that folks are taking AN EXAM??!! I heard some folks saying they would cancel their score. Thanks to the distraction feature of the 7sage app and all the normal noisy library patrons in the "quiet" room, I think I'll be good;)
  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
    1749 karma
    @kennedybj said:
    grocery bags instead of ziplocs
    Really? Wow.Two-time taker never saw such rookie sh*t like that..?..?
  • @nye8870 said:

    Yep.. i've taken the test twice before, but the environment was never so interesting. If there ever were android robots programmed to follow LSAT instructions to a T - proctors and test takers included - it was us.
  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
    1749 karma
    "Proctors"....dollar waiting on a dime! I am sorry but both times I couldn't help wondering why LSAT is cool with hiring a bunch of AndyFrain mo-fo's to "monitor" the dealings of a group so dedicated to perfection, time consciousness and intelligent analysis. It seems almost as if there is a huge disconnect between all the hours we spend studying and perfecting our craft and the min. wage part time employees/referees whose intervention has such an intimate impact on our final test day experience. For shame!
  • nye8870nye8870 Alum
    1749 karma
    @aakriti.chaudhary said:
    android robots
    I had two totally different experiences in two different locations. Sadly the one commonality was the oblivious proctors. No offense to the people who got hired to do a job that was so important to so many people but... I do not know how to even analogize this? -Ugh, My boss is a moron?
  • kct19931kct19931 Member
    79 karma
    Someone's phone alarm went off about 5 minutes into the first section. Not really sure if it was the proctors or another test takers cause I just tried to ignore it and not let it distract me. No one got kicked out or massacred as I thought would happen if a phone were to go off in such a "NO PHONES ALLOWED" zone. Would this be grounds for score cancellation?
  • bbutlerbbutler Inactive ⭐
    401 karma
    It wasn't from this exam but the October LSAT for me was during the severe flooding in SC (as if the day could get any worse). We had sirens blaring the entire time and the someone from National Guard actually knocked on the door in the middle of the test to let us know that someone's car was almost underwater... Needless to say I definitely didn't do well on the exam.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    @Pacifico said:
    End result: Rando drinks water during test at the end of each section after time is called and is not reprimanded for it.
    YES! !!!
  • kennedybjkennedybj Alum Member
    697 karma
    I almost forgot. Our Proctor was asking everyone where they wanted to go to law guy in all seriousness said Clemson. And the proctors response was oh they have a really nice law school. Note, Clemson DOES NOT have a law school
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    Clemson doesn't have a law school... Yet...
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    The man knows what he wants and he's willing to wait for it...
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