VERY DIFFICULT grouping game - reusing elements in an 2 group game

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Over the past year I know that some people have mentioned seeing grouping games with elements reused. I know this isn't a recent trend (many of the older games have multiple groups 3+ with each group getting at least one or up to 3 items).

However, the game type I am referring to is your standard in out game (2 groups only) but just because one element is in the "in" column, it doesn't necessarily mean it can't be in the "out" column. Nowhere in the scenario does it say that "each element will be used exactly once." Basically, the elements can be "reused." Also, the number of elements aren't limited to just 3, but range from 5-7.

Some ppl have told me that the test put a twist by splitting the elements into 2 subgroups (i.e., women vs. men)... and adding in a weird rule (i.e., chairperson in group 1 can't be in group 2)...

What is the best way to prepare for this type of game? I recall seeing this type of game just once (PT25-S3-G1), but its a very straight fwd grouping game with a twist in which there must be at least one member shared...


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    Yeah, rare. I can't recall another off the bat.

    Although, you should note that these aren't "in/out" games. That's because the defining feature of an "in/out" game is that all game pieces must be in exactly one of the two groups.
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