LINK ENCLOSED [Click here now :D] Tonight's Blind Review Workshop: What you'll need

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And here's the link. Join NOW: Limited to the first 25 people.

There will be a recording available later this weekend. Instructions for obtaining it will follow.

Hey y'all,

I'm gettin' all gussied up to run this here Blind Review workshop for y'all. Here's a preview:

Here's what you need to do:

1) You'll need to click the link once I put it in here (that will not occur until 6:30PM CENTRAL—as in Texas—time). Once the link is live, I will edit this post and change the title. You will also need to install the GoToMeeting app:
2) If you haven't already, go ahead and do the first LR section of the June 2007 PT. If you don't have that, click here:
3) Go ahead and read through the [free] sections on Blind Review, either in the 7sage course (find it by clicking "Course --> Syllabus") or here:

Think about your questions. I (and your fellow 7sage students) will be ready to answer them. Come ready to do some real work :D


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