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June Test-Takers, Week of Dec. 14th: Wed (PT 29), Sat (Workshop-RC Question Types) Sat (PT 30)

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June Test Takers! We’ve got 6 months, so let’s make them count by getting our fundamentals down!

Here’s the schedule this week:


Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 8PM ET: PT 29

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LSATurday, Dec. 19th at 12PM ET: WORKSHOP RC Question Types with @"Quick Silver"

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LSATurday, Dec. 19th at 8PM ET: PT30

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June BR Group Schedule:

Note: these tests (PTs 29-35) are part of the 7Sage curriculum and, for all intents and purposes, are retakes. That being said, I think it’s a great way to build up our LSAT fluency by taking an actual PT without having to use the modern tests until we absolutely have to. Another way of thinking about this is we are essentially going to do BR groups of the 7Sage curriculum, something I know a lot of students have requested. Some people might disagree with me, but I don’t think it wouldn't be a waste of time or effort for someone who is still working through the curriculum to do this PT, BR it and then meet up for the call.


Be sure to announce in the comments which group(s) you’re planning on attending.

Fine Print

(NOTE: you all want to be lawyers; reading fine print is what lawyers do, so READ IT!)


  • For the newbies: Add me on Skype, using handle dmlevine76 and PM your email for Google Hangout.
  • For the regulars: If for some reason you're not in the group conversation[s] already, just message me on Skype.
  • For everyone: take the PT under timed conditions; BR as you are able; join us for all or part of the call—everyone is welcome.
  • Note: For the purposes of the call, we like to check our group blind review score together at the very end of the call :) So at least don't say ... "No guys, really, it's D, I checked it."
  • These groups work best when folks from ALL stages of prep and with all different goals join in! Not just for "super-preppers" and definitely not just for the casual LSATer (does such a person exist?).
  • The only expectation anyone has for these calls is for you to have fun and ask questions as you desire. We are just a bunch of LSAT lovers who gather via Skype and intellectually slaughter each test.


    • We are NOT going to use Skype for these sessions.
    • Instead, we are going to use GoToMeeting.
    • There is a space limit of 25 per session. This limitation is dictated by both GoToMeeting and the function of these workshops, which is interactivity. If we had more people on, the interaction would be scant, at best.
    • Approximately, one half hour before the the scheduled workshop will begin, a link will appear on the forums, inviting you into the workshop.
    • If you want to attend these sessions, you MUST click that link.
    • Here’s an FAQ on
    • Then, download the application (for your computer or mobile device).
    • Attendance will be on a “first come, first served” basis.
    • Once the workshop is full, it’s full. Nothing to be done.
    • Chances are, if you’re going to be late, there is a strong possibility you won’t make it in.
    • There may be recordings of interactive workshops--No guarantees.
    • If there is demand, we will repeat interactive workshops at different times.


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