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Webinar Awesomeness!!!

twssmithtwssmith Alum
in Study Groups 5120 karma
Everyone’s schedules are hectic especially during the holidays but I want to encourage everyone to attend a webinar. Fortunately, my schedule has allowed me to attend all of the webinars and I have gained invaluable insight and value during the sessions. Having the mentors break down their thought processes and strategies has given new meaning to the “one size doesn’t fit all” when tackling this beast of a test. We are the benefactors of exceptional people taking personal time to share their knowledge and experiences – high & low – so that we can achieve or even surpass our goals. I am so thankful for this community and the webinars are another example of how members that have benefited from being a part of 7Sage are passing their experiences and wisdom forward to us. The truly interactive experience in the Webinars and Blind Review calls is where I am learning how to apply the knowledge gained from the curriculum. Whether on "mute" as some of us have had to do, being a part "real-time" can make a difference in the value of the sessions. We are fortunate that the webinars are recorded but there is so much more to be gained if you can attend – the running chat dialogue is challenging and supportive, volunteers are given a free tutor session, and the Q&A part not recorded is possibly the most invaluable aspect of the sessions (hint: don’t leave the sessions unless you have time constraints and ask questions!!). Thanks again to everyone involved:)
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