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On 70s PT Reading Comprehension sections

WillJayKWillJayK Alum Member
edited January 2016 in Reading Comprehension 163 karma
Hi, as I was prepping for February LSAT in Asia, I am seeing subtle twists and turns in the trend of reading comprehension passages and questions in recent 70s PTs (and small drops in points as well).

These are some points that I felt were obvious in recent RC sections

1. Passages are exhibiting some non-traditional structures that are hard to be classified into
Argument A v. Argument B structure.
(Yeah I know not all of RC passages fit into this 'scale', but I believe such structural predictability was more obvious in older PTs)

2. Questions are getting more abstract and question stems are getting shorter.
For example, instead of a questions stem that reads 'what can be inferred from LINEXYZ or Author's opinion from ABC', i am now seeing question stems like 'what can be inferred from the passage' or 'The author suggests which of the following?')

I have seen a lot of posts on difficulty changes in recent PTs,
but I have not seen many on differentiating or modifying the game plan on attacking those changes.

Anyone with idea on changes in recent RC? Or even idea with other sections i will be glad to discuss!

(Ah! For those who want to suggest that the difficulty feels only personal and that LSAT is the same exam as it was 20 years ago, let me politely decline your comments because TO ME there are subtle yet obvious tweaks that are present only in recent PTs. Thanks in advance:) )


  • kmojorelikmojoreli Legacy Member
    118 karma
    I agree with you. RC has always been my strongest section and I am finding the questions to be a lot more abstract like you said, and the answer choices much more subtle. While it's obviously still critical to understand the reasoning structure I think a lot of the questions are placing more emphasis on understanding the tone/attitudes/opinions and being able to infer from those. I don't make any notations but I've started reading the passages twice, once at a normal pace and then quickly skimming a second time. I've found that to be super helpful. On my second read I already know the structure and so by just skimming over I find myself catching a lot of the minutiae that indicate the tone, author's attitude, etc. It has been worth the time investment for me.
  • lschoolgolschoolgo Member
    274 karma
    yes, RC has become harder to score high on in recent PTs unless one scores perfect in it almost consistently.
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