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June test takers: Please research Test Centers!

twssmithtwssmith Alum
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I have two test options equi-distant from my home. Taking a complete day, I visited both test centers and realized that all of the advice on this site is paramount to finding the most optimum site to take the test. My two options are polar opposites: one is in an amphitheater venue accommodating over 100+ and the other has small rooms with no more than 20+ per room. I was fortunate on my visit that I met the director over-seeing the LSAT for both sites and she unequivocally said that the amphitheater environment was a detriment to the test takers due to the time necessary to validate all test takers credentials upon entry and after the break. They took me on a tour of the actual rooms where the test is administered, showed me where the bathrooms were and gave me advice about where to park. I went immediately to check out local hotels and with such a small mountain town, I found a quiet "Express" type hotel that I have booked for the night before the test.
With over a year invested in studying for the LSAT, my test site will hopefully be the least of my concerns.


  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Legacy Inactive ⭐
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    Great advice! I got the same advice from an instructor. For those of you who cannot or do not have time to drive out to the testing center, you should, at the very least call them. I was concerned about getting stuck in a room with those crammed desks where it feels like you're 2 inches away from elbowing the person next to you right in the eye. I called the location where I was planning on taking the test. They provided me with the layout of the room. All over the phone.
  • GSU HopefulGSU Hopeful Monthly
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    Great advice. I'll be sure to do the same thing.
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