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[Test Center Review] Touro Law Center, Central Islip, New York

Proctors: Militaristic. No nonsense. There was a lead proctor, and four others. Instructions were clear, time keeping was on point, and generally they did a great job.

Facilities: Very clean, well maintained.

What kind of room: Stadium seating, large lecture hall type of room.

How many in the room: Over 50.

Desks: A single long desk that accommodated 5 or more students per row. Chairs were anchored to the desks. Were not the most comfortable.

Left-handed accommodation: Not needed due to nature of desks not being for each individual student.

Noise levels: Extremely quiet.

Parking: Excellent and easy. Huge parking lot right outside of the building where the exam is administered. Parking is free

Time elapsed from arrival to test: 90 Minutes approximately, did not really keep track of this.

Irregularities or mishaps: Someone came dangerously close to being asked to leave the exam for working after time expired.

Other comments: No brainer if you are in Suffolk County, I heard horror stories from people at Hofstra (huge campus with a ton of buildings), so probably a better choice for Nassau residents as well.

Would you take the test here again? Yes

Date[s] of Exam[s]: June, 2015
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