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Would anyone be willing to read my Personal Statement and provide feedback?

Eddie S.Eddie S. Alum Member
edited March 2016 in General 11 karma
I wrote my personal statement and already submitted it to one school, the only school I have a shot of not having to move out-of-state, but I have a bad feeling about it now. I performed really bad on the Feb LSAT. I was not prepared. I will have to retake the June, and fortunately, the school I applied to accepts the June LSAT. Overall, I will be applying to many other schools shortly, and would greatly appreciate a set of unbiased (not friends, not family, and not paid to) eyes. Thank you!


  • The 180 Bro_OVOThe 180 Bro_OVO Alum Inactive ⭐
    1392 karma
  • Eddie S.Eddie S. Alum Member
    11 karma
    Thank you very much! I sent you a message with my PS through 7sage.
  • MikeyMangoodMikeyMangood Alum Member
    100 karma
    I'd be happy to read it as well.
  • Eddie S.Eddie S. Alum Member
    11 karma
    Thank you! Messaging now through 7sage.
  • marcosmcqueenmarcosmcqueen Member
    241 karma
    II'm not particularly knowledgable about PS, but I've got some broader experience in editing and writing. I'd be happy to give you my thoughts, if you thought that would be useful.
  • Eddie S.Eddie S. Alum Member
    11 karma
    Thank you, Marco! I am messaging it now through 7sage. No one else has replied, yet, so I hope it's not that bad, but if it is, please let me know.
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