[Test Center Review] Rutgers - New Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ

Proctors: Very unprofessional. My proctor kept making jokes leading up to the exam and asking us personal questions. If I am about to take the most important test of my life, please take it seriously. She just made a lot of unnecessary side comments while going through the directions in the beginning, which was extremely annoying and distracting.

Facilities: I took it in the basement classrooms in Frelinghuysen. It's a basement for a reason. It was absolutely freezing during the exam. I kept my jacket on the whole time, which was really uncomfortable, but I had no choice because it was either I kept my jacket on or I froze to death.

What kind of room: Classroom.

How many in the room: Around 40.

Desks: Tiny. They are the desks connected to the chair. Barely any room to keep your booklet open and your answer sheet next to it.

Left-handed accommodation: I am not sure if there were left-handed desks in the room.

Noise levels: Not too bad. The room was small, especially for the amount of people in it, so it felt really crowded and stuff in there and you could hear everyone's little movements.

Parking: I got dropped off. The parking lot next to the Student Activities Center was full when I got there. Most people came from their dorms though.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: A lot of time. It was an extremely inefficient use of our time. The line was so long because no one knew that there was a second line if you went down the stairs. There were two different check-in points but they didn't make that clear whatsoever.

Irregularities or mishaps: When I got there, the line was out the door, so we were standing in the rain for 30 minutes before getting inside. I waited in the second line that was down the stairs because I thought it was another check-in. That line took another 30-40 minutes, and when I got to the front, she told me that that desk/line was the same thing as the one upstairs. So I wasted that time waiting in line instead of getting in the right mindset for the exam. By the time I got in the classroom, we waited another 30 minutes for the last people in those lines to get checked in. Overall, it was a complete mess and the worst way to begin test day.

Other comments: My proctor let someone go to the bathroom after they entered the test room (which you're not supposed to do), and then 6 more people said, "Can I go to?" so we waited another 20 minutes for all of those students to go to the bathroom when you're not even supposed to leave the classroom as soon as you get in unless you go to the bathroom during the exam. Just shows how unprofessional the proctors were and serious they were taking the exam.

Would you take the test here again? Not at all. Please, sign up to take it at another school. It's not worth your time and money to take it at a place that will waste your time and money.

Date[s] of Exam[s]: October 2015
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