[Test Center Review] Penn State - Lehigh Valley, Center Valley, PA

Proctors: Two proctors. Very professional.

Facilities: Main building of the campus (I believe). Spacious room. Clean bathrooms.

What kind of room: Classroom/programming room.

How many in the room: Probably around 30 - 40.

Desks: Huge. They were long tables and everyone was spaced pretty far apart because there weren't many students. Lots of space to really lay all your stuff out.

Left-handed accommodation: N/A

Noise levels: Very low.

Parking: Huge parking lot right next to the building.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: An hour maybe.

Irregularities or mishaps: N/A

Other comments: Great place to take the exam, if not only for the large desk space lol.

Would you take the test here again? Yes.

Date[s] of Exam[s]: December 2015


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